How to get unlimited clean energy

The quest for carbon free energy is standing fast and is only going to grow as we transition away from fossil fuels but is there a way we can have unlimited clean energy?

This is where fusion energy comes into play now we have known about fusion for a long time in fact the sun is made of fusion energy. We have been building generators since the late 50’s but why has it not caught on shouldn’t we have all the energy our growing population need’s.

The reason is because it’s hard really hard in order to create fusion we have to force 2 hydrogen atoms together but the problem is they naturally retract each other and we also have to heat the atoms to temperatures around 100million degrees Celsius creating super hot plasma.

We are able to create fusion using the tokamak and inertial confinement by laser generators but these reactions last seconds and use far more power than output.

These may sound like failed attempts but we are slowely increasing our understanding on this future changing technology and believe me it will change our future from unlimited energy on earth to future colony’s on mars it only a matter of time.

Scientists will eventually solve fusion’s immense technical challenges, if society can commit to the journey.




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