Will hypersonic get us into space

The idea of flying into space using a plane is not a new idea but why has it not been used?

 If humans want to make space flight cheaper we need a way of reducing the cost. The easiest way to accomplish this would be to  fly and land a craft off a runway.

 But to get the speed necessary to get into orbit we will have to develop technologies capable of getting us upto 7.8 km/s (28,080 km/h).

 This is where the Scramjet comes into play a hypersonic engine with no moving part’s but there is a problem with scramjets they do not function until they get to speeds above Mach5 meaning some other propulsion is needed aswell.

 Scramjets are capable of reaching speeds of upto Mach15 using only fuel and no oxidizer this is an exciting technology and can’t wait to see this in the near future.


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