The rover that could (Mars Opportunity)

opportunity also known as MER-B landed on the barren mars surface on the 25th January 2004 with a planned mission of only 90 sol (Roughly 90 earth days). This amazing rover has exceeded its mission by an amazing 12years surviving dust storms and other challenges that come with such a hard climate. This rover just wont give up perhaps WALL-E was modeled off Opportunity who knows but there is one thing we know which is valuable scientific evidence which is crucial to all rovers missions have been continued to be gathered from this incredible machine.


Currently the Opportunity rover has the record for the most distance traveled by any space machine including the Apollo manned lunar rovers. Opportunity was perilously lodged in a sand dune, with several wheels buried in the sand. Over a six-week period Earth-based physical simulations were performed to decide how best to extract the rover from its position without risking a permanent immobilization of the valuable vehicle. Successful maneuvering a few centimeters at a time eventually freed the rover, which resumed its travels.

As of January 2017 Opportunity is still in active use and continues to excel engineers expectations to the delight of NASA.

Here are some panoramic images from the rover.

IDL TIFF filepia19109-marsopportunityrover-endeavourcrater-capetribulation-20150122naturaliste_crater_site_a47_cyl-med


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